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Car Tint Pty. Ltd. is the oldest and most respected car window tinting company in Melbourne. We take absolute pride in every job we do, which is why there is only one of us in Australia, based right here in Victoria! We aren’t some chain tinting franchise; Our customers consider us craftsmen in window tinting, and we’d have to agree.

Window tinting is an incredible way to make your car, home or business more:

  •     Secure
  •     Energy-efficient
  •     Private
  •     Climate-controlled
  •     Stylish
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Home Window Tinting

Welcome to Car Tint! We are the trusted experts in home window tinting across Melbourne, bringing you nearly half a century of experience in delivering superior tinting solutions.

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Commercial Window Tinting

Welcome to Car Tint – your trusted provider of commercial window tinting services in Melbourne.

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Automotive Tinting

Car window tinting is a popular automotive modification that offers numerous benefits to vehicle owners. Whether you're looking to enhance the aesthetics of your car or improve its functionality, window tinting can be a valuable addition.

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Decorative Films

Enhance your personal space with our privacy films. Say goodbye to prying eyes while still enjoying natural light. Choose from a variety of patterns, frosts, and designs to match your style.

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    30+ Years of Experience
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    Superior Heat Rejection
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    UV Protection
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    Enhanced Privacy
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    Glare Reduction
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    Enhanced Security
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    Professional Installation
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    Long-lasting Durability
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    Excellent Customer Service

The Installation Process: Perfection from Start to Finish

Every installation is a journey of more than 3 hours. We go the extra mile, removing door and window trim to ensure every surface is completely and evenly covered. We meticulously inspect every angle and corner to make sure it meets our high standards. Only then does it leave the workshop.

As a prospective customer, you can be assured nothing but the best; an installation that is performed as if we own the car ourselves. Our partnership with Madico gives us access to the best tints in a range of greys and blacks, allowing you to select the exact level of tint you’re looking for.

Our History

Car Tint was started some 46 years ago when there was virtually no auto tinting business in existence.

Since the start, we’ve been “setting the standard” (as seen in our logo) in car window tinting in Melbourne and around Australia. We have always strived to provide the highest-quality products and a level of professionalism rarely seen or rivalled past or present.

Featured at Car Shows Worldwide – A Respected Name in Car Window Tinting

Car Tint’s stature within the industry and reputation for excellence has seen Rob and Richard selected by car manufacturers to window tint some of the world’s most exotic cars.

Projects like this elite $3.5 million dollar GM Torana concept motor show car, tinted by us a few years ago (pictured left), count among our most treasured experiences.

Not to be bounded by Australia’s shores, the huge GM international motoring conglomerate commissioned us to tint the Chevy Orlando concept car for the Paris Motor Show, one of Europe’s best motor car gatherings.

For those who went to the last Melbourne International Motor Show at Jeff’s shed, you would have seen this car above.

Our work was once again displayed on the Ford stand, with their beautiful Prodrive black Falcon GT concept car.

The film selection decision was suggested by us. We wanted to create the distinction that this car was something very special, which it is.

The result was sensational with sporty looks and classy appeal. We are very proud of this effort and can have your car looking like this as well. Just give us a call!


Q: What measures do you take to ensure a perfect fit of the film?

A: At Car Tint, we go to great lengths to achieve a perfect fit, even if it means pulling off the door trims or taking the glass out in some cases. This ensures the film goes right to the bottom of the glass behind weather seals, eliminating any chance of lifting at the edges.

We also use heat shrinking to ensure the film fits perfectly to the glass, preventing any chances of lifting or peeling.

Q: Do you offer other types of films aside from automotive?

A: Yes, we offer a variety of different films including commercial films, domestic films, security and safety films, white frost, translucent privacy films, and custom cut films with logos or designs.

Q: What types of tint films do you use for automotive tinting?

A: We use top-quality films from Madico’s incredible range, including Black Pearl® and Charcool® tints. We also offer the innovative Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic film. Both of these types of films offer unique benefits. Non-reflective films have a traditional tint finish, while nano ceramic films offer advanced heat rejection technology through their nano-particle ceramic construction.

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Every installation completes a journey of more than 3 hours. Only then does it leave this workshop.