Q: What measures do you take to ensure a perfect fit of the film?

A: At Car Tint, we go to great lengths to achieve a perfect fit, even if it means pulling off the door trims or taking the glass out in some cases. This ensures the film goes right to the bottom of the glass behind weather seals, eliminating any chance of lifting at the edges. We also use heat shrinking to ensure the film fits perfectly to the glass, preventing any chances of lifting or peeling.

Q: Do you offer other types of films aside from automotive?

A: Yes, we offer a variety of different films including commercial films, domestic films, security and safety films, white frost, translucent privacy films, and custom cut films with logos or designs.

Q: What types of tint films do you use for automotive tinting?

A: We use top-quality films from Madico's incredible range, including Black Pearl® and Charcool® tints. We also offer the innovative Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic film. Both of these types of films offer unique benefits. Non-reflective films have a traditional tint finish, while nano ceramic films offer advanced heat rejection technology through their nano-particle ceramic construction.